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How Ink Cartridges Work
July 29, 2022

Ink cartridges come in a few different colors, but all of them use ink to print text or graphics on paper. The ink cartridge contains a mix of liquid ink and an absorbent pad. When you insert the cartridge into the printer, the printer causes the pad to touch the liquid ink and start absorbing it. The more ink that is absorbed, the more ink is injected into the print head.


The print head uses heat and pressure to move droplets of ink across a page. Whenever a droplet hits a piece of paper, it will either be absorbed by the paper or evaporate, leaving a dark mark. The printer uses this information to create images on paper.


In order for a printer to print correctly, each color of ink must be placed in its correct location on the page. If one color is not printed correctly, it can cause text or graphics to become illegible or even disappear altogether.


There are two types of cartridges that you may encounter when using a printer: replaceable and non-replaceable cartridges. Non-replaceable cartridges are typically used by printers that are not meant for frequent use, such as home printers.


Types of Ink Cartridges

There are three main types of ink cartridges: ballpoint, inkjet, and laser. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Ballpoint pens use a small ink cartridge filled with black ink. The pen's plunger ejects the ink when you press the pen's piston down.


Inkjet pens use a larger cartridge that holds more black and other colors of ink. When the pen is activated, a small motor inside the pen squirts inks from the cartridge through nozzles onto the paper.


Laser printers use small cartridges that hold black, cyan, yellow, and magenta inks. When the printer is activated, a light shines on the page and these inks reflect back to create an image on the paper.



Ink cartridges are one of the most common items that need to be replaced in a printer. In this article, we have discussed what you need to know about ink cartridges. Hope that this article would be beneficial for you. If you need more information about ink cartridges, please do not hesitate to contact ink cartridge supplier G&G!

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