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Diversified Solutions
There is a huge demand for a wide range of printed products in the advertising industry.
G&G business inkjet cartridges can satisfy this variation of needs with ease. Brochures, business cards, flyers, invitations, letterheads, magazine covers, posters, certificates, resumes, menus, photo album covers, and photo collages willall be vibrant and consistent in quality.
G&G’s professional Everbrite inks provide a waterproof finish which will preserve the vibrancy of the artwork for those long-term projects such as outdoor signs. Not only will they be waterproof, but sun-proof, and corrosion-proof as well.
Excellence in More Effective Signage
Poor quality inks weaken the impact of signs and other advertising projects.
However, high-quality, color printing and clear text will catch attention and make the campaign very effective, efficient and accurate.
Recommended Products

“G&G’s products have played a big role in our studio and have been applied in a variety of projects in various places.”

Joewan Salihi, the Creative Director of Jox Creative Studio, Berlin, Germany
The Professional Print Innovator
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