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Remanufacturing Contributes to a Sustainable Future
Ever since it was established in 2000, G&G has been providing a closed loop solution with remanufactured printer cartridges. Consumers can return their used cartridges at no cost, the cartridges are sorted, cleaned, remanufactured, packaged and stored ready for reuse. The whole process at G&G is continually being scrutinised to minimize our carbon footprint and to help save the planet.
G&G Closed Loop Recycling System Helps minimize our environmental footprint and save the planet.
Our Remanufacturing Philosophy
Industry-leading Processes
G&G’s remanufactured cartridges meet stringent quality standards. Each link of the production chain is constantly monitored by Quality Control experts including the cleaning, production, packaging, storage and shipping.
Remanufacturing Ink Cartridges
Remanufacturing Toner Cartridges
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