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Closed Loop System Contributes to A Sustainable Future
Aiming to minimize environmental footprint and help save the planet, G&G has been providing closed-loop remanufactured products since its establishment. From cartridge recycling, remanufacturing to reusing, we minimize our carbon footprint in every process when possible.
G&G Closed Loop Recycling System Aims to minimize environmental footprint and help save the planet
Our Remanufacturing Philosophy
Industry-leading Remanufacturing Process
G&G’s remanufactured cartridges are remanufactured to stringent quality standards. From the intake of empties through the cleaning to the inspection of the final finished product and its packaging, each link of the production chain is constantly monitored by Quality Control experts.
Remanufacturing Ink Cartridges
Remanufacturing Toner Cartridges
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