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What Makes a Great Color Toner Cartridge?

The pressure to grab the eyes and attention has made visual communication more important than ever before. High-quality color prints are an essential ingredient for businesses and individuals wanting to create impactful and memorable moments. As the demand for color toner cartridges continues to grow, so does the standard for quality color.

Watch the color engineer share what makes a great toner cartridge.

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What is Color Control?

Reimagined by G&G, Color Control Technology provides the perfect balance between “precise product design, rigorous raw material selection and verification, strict manufacturing control, safety compliance and a strong supply chain”. You can count on Color Control Technology to provide professional, quality prints that are crisp, vivid and colorful.

How to Guarantee Great Color?

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G&G actively seeks out, rigorously tests, and carefully selects the best toners, and best toner combinations in the world, for each cartridge, in each printer

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“Good color” means different things to different people. We each have our own perceptions. Printer OEMs can only manufacture and supply a “one-size-fits-all” solution. However, G&G can customize its color cartridges to meet the needs of local consumers and provide them with a better user color experience.

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G&G deploys more hybrid automated production lines for its “patent-safe” products than other third-party suppliers. This provides consistently high-quality products, more affordably while reducing human error.

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Toner is not the only factor in determining good color. The perfect matching of the many components is also a critical factor. That’s why G&G rigorously tests the individual parts and components as well as the toners to guarantee great color results

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G&G insists on using non-toxic, safe toners and inks that have a lower impact on the environment. Each cartridge is manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities

Successful Case Study

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G&G cartridges are suitable for vertical industry users such as healthcare, education, finance and government...to meet their rigorous productivity, expertise and quality requirements.

How Do G&G Color Toner Cartridges Perform?

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Health Care

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Hot-sale Color Toner Cartridges


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For Small Business

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For Large Enterprise and Business

Replacement Toner Cartridges fo HP 553
Replacement Toner Cartridges for HP 3525
Replacement Toner Cartridges for HP 652
Replacement Toner Cartridges for HP 751

For MPS Channel & Rental

Replacement Toner Cartridges for Canon GPR51
Replacement Toner Cartridges for Canon GPR55
Replacement Toner Cartridges for Ricoh 2003
Replacement Toner Cartridges for Konica Minolta TN321
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