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Gloria, the Dye-based Ink Designed for Photo Printing
G&G Gloria is the dye-based ink specially designed for photo printing. It delivers superior color gamut, excellent weather fastness and abundant color expressive force.
Gloria Performs Amazingly Well on Color Quality
When it comes to overall color quality, you’ll find G&G Gloria performs amazingly well. The coloring of Gloria is high because ink dyes the paper. When the light reflects evenly on the paper surface, Gloria produces a super color gamut. The vibrancy, brightness, and overall density of Gloria make your photos and images stand out. Gloria’s innovative ink formulation produces vivid color tones and delivers prints that satisfy photo enthusiasts.
*The molecular formula of ink is just like diamond’s molecular formula. Through the chemical reaction, the structure of ink is more stable.
Improved Resistance to Fading
Photos and other printed material left in the sun, or even just exposed to sunlight over a long period of time, may start to fade. Gloria ink employs the substances with very strong chemical stability after special handlings, which successfully stands our “extreme” weather fastness experiments in OEM standards without acute color fading.
Ultra Anti UV, Longer Durability than Other Dye Ink
G&G Gloria, featuring ULTRA PREMIUM ANTI UV resistance, is highly light-and water-resistant, wide color gamut and great clarity resulting prints. Image permanently retain the brightness. It is chemical resistance, color rendition is closest to the original ink, fully compatible with original ink.
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