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G&G Reborn, 100% Reman
G&G Reborn is a tailor-made, remanufactured printing solution for use in copiers.

The major users of copier supplies are in the government, finance, education, health and telecommunication sectors. They are sensitive to price, but they are not willing to sacrifice product quality. G&G Reborn is designed to specifically meet their printing demands by providing OEM-like printing experience in terms of quality, but without the OEM price tag.
G&G Reborn Design Concept: 100% Remanufactured
Why Remanufactured Toner Powder?
Copier users will never tolerate backgrounding, vertical lines, streaks, or other print issues caused by poor quality, third-party toner powders. Many have poorly shaped, larger particles when compared with the OEM. This results in the speedy wearing out of key components in your copier.

However, G&G Reborn’s toner particles are uniform and perfectly spherical. They will bond evenly onto the paper, delivering crisp and higher resolution results. More importantly, they offer protection for your copier components.
Why Remanufacture the Empties?
Many copier users pay more to buy original cartridges because they deliver a good user experience. The cartridges and bottles are precisely designed to match the copier. For this reason, G&G Reborn remanufactures these original empty cartridges to provide users with the same printing experience as the OEM.
Why Remanufacture the Chip?
The copier OEMs send firmware upgrades through the internet to the devices. Once the copier is upgraded, your third-party cartridges may not be recognized and will stop working. Our solution is to recycle them and reset the OEM chips. We restore the chip information during the resetting process without changing other parameters and functions. G&G Reborn guarantees that your copier will continue to work without print failures caused by chip compatibility. They will continue to work after any firmware upgrade.
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