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Meeting Diverse Printing Needs
G&G has comprehensive range of solutions which include printers, cartridges, ribbons, and specialty papers to meet your high demand, diverse printing needs. Our solutions will print your company brochures, presentations, catalogs, flyers, posters, legal documents, financial statements, bills, receipts, greeting cards and envelopes to expand your business opportunities.
High-capacity, Efficient, Affordable
In delivering a higher page yield than original products, our series of Jumbo toner cartridges enable you to easily handle large print volumes at an affordable printing cost. Not having to change the printer cartridges so often can also save your time.
Accurate, Secure, Durable
G&G toner and ink cartridges use the best raw material formula to ensure the watermark on the document is legible—important when it comes to keeping your confidential documents secure.

The printing on the documents is durable which ensures they do not fade when long-term storage is required.
Create a Healthy Work Environment
All sectors are focusing more on being green. As are finance and business.
So is G&G.
We have worked hard to ensure our printing supplies comply with RoHS and REACH standards, industry regulations and international standard safety certifications.
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