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A Bridge to Learning
Research reveals we learn more easily from colorful hard copy media.

Colours play a vital role in motivating students to perceive, pay attention, remember, think, understand their lessons and profit from their educational experiences.

The high color saturation and clear text performance from G&G printer cartridges ensure children have the best educational experiences. Color printing is the bridge between students and their teachers, driving excellence in creativity, communication and learning.
No Harmful Emissions: Caring for Your Personal Health
G&G toner and ink cartridges are produced under strict ISO and QC080000 systems and are compliant with RoHS and REACH standards. All G&G products adhere strictly to EU, CE and EMC certifications to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and parents working closely to a printer.
H₂OK Durable Worry-free Printing
The premium range of EverBrite Ink promise waterproof, smudge-resistant prints that will not fade for 100 years under normal conditions.

As time goes by, the friendship will not fade, the wonderful memories will not fade, nor will the honor that’s hanging on the wall.
Printing on Different Media
Paper offers an excellent sense of touch that cannot be replaced by electronic documents.

G&G ink cartridges can meet your needs for printing onto all kinds of materials and media, including papers, posters, photos, cardboard and greeting cards.
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Kept Delivering
"G&G kept delivering at the highest standard and beyond our expectations."
Fatih Kukarac, a respectable professor at İstanbul Faculty of Medicine
"The print quality surprised us."
Onder Ozsoysal, a veteran staff of the teaching faculty
The Professional Print Innovator
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