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Let’s dive into the Penguin World

Holiday Photos

Two penguins named Greg and Grace returning from holidays to Antarctica. A friendly emperor penguin steps in to save the day when conflict arises over the printing out of their holiday memories.

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Meet Your Favorite Penguin Characters


Emperor Penguin

Gender: Male
Knowledgeable, professional, helpful, mature but knows how to have fun too
Hobbies: Teaching and mentoring



Gender: Female
Lively and full of spirit, lovely, has high expectations but sometimes moody
Hobbies: Holidays, sightseeing, photography



Gender: Male
Cheeky, fun loving, curious, loyal
Hobbies: fishing, sightseeing, adventures, photography

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About the Animator

Lily Dell, based in New Zealand, has been immersed in the world of drawing and animating most of her life. Dell has worked on Disney sequels for Lion King, Cinderella, Jungle Book, Brother Bear and Lilo & Stitch.

She spent her childhood immersed in Disney culture. From the age on nine (9), her father was a cartoon caricaturist at Disneyland in California. She fell in love with the imaginary world and the telling of stories. She has spent most of her adult life back in New Zealand and Australia. These days, she teaches animation students the skills of telling stories, drawing, and bringing characters to life on the screen.

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