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Managed Print Services (MPS)
G&G is an industry leading MPS solutions provider:
✓ our simple but powerful MPS software solution is called NDMS
✓ high-quality MPS-ready printing consumables especially designed for MPS printers
✓ fully remanufactured OEM-branded copiers and brand new multifunction printers
✓ professional worry-free service and training program
Why G&G MPS? A single provider—which helps you manage your fleet of imaging devices, controls related costs and streamlines the total process—will enhance your value with your customers.
G&G MPS Portfolio
Device Management Software: NDMS
Software plays a key role in linking all the parts of the MPS ecosystem. G&G offers a 12-months free access to its powerful device management software—called NDMS.
● a customized service which markets your brand
● consolidated reports on all customers
● easy invoicing
  • by pages (Cost Per Page)
  • by cartridges
● an easy-to-use reference tool that catalogs all OEM and 3rd party supplies
● the most effective and efficient automatic delivery of supplies
● Auto Toner Replenishment (ATR)
  • Tracked through Data Collection Agents (DCAs)
  • Report real-time device messages and alerts via email notifications
  • Replacement striggered at pre-set “toner remaining percentage” or “days remaining” settings
Hardware: G&G printers Designed for MPS
Designed to serve SMB and enterprise workgroups with large print volumes, G&G printers improve efficiency and convenience. Having a separate drum unit and toner cartridge delivers energy conservation and less impact on the environment.
Hardware: Refurbished Copiers
G&G has cost-saving, refurbished A3 branded machines available that perform as well as when new.
The exterior is reconditioned, the interior cleaned, key vulnerable are parts replaced and repaired, and consumable components have been remanufactured.
The entire device is guaranteed to function 90% or better than a brand new machine.
All devices are recycled and regain the performance of a brand-new one.
Each refurbished copier comes with a set of toner cartridges ready to go.
G&G MPS Portfolio
Printing Consumables
G&G offers a vast array of printing consumables for your MPS program. They are reliable, sustainable and provide consistent quality.
These products can lower your expenses and maximize your profits.
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