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What Makes G&G Products So Reliable?
August 24, 2022

It's not uncommon for most to take quality and reliability as the first consideration when it comes to purchasing. Studies reveal most buyers will even pay more for a product that they consider is well made or exceeds the standard. Managing quality is crucial in manufacturing.


Since it was established in 2000, G&G has continued to provide reliable and affordable “gold standard” printing consumables for 200 million consumers in 170 countries.


Why are G&G quality products so well-recognized by its partners and customers? The secrets lie with its selective manufacturing and rigorous, thorough-paced tests using state-of-the-art machinery alongside an unremitting commitment to quality that customers can fully depend on.


G&G Lab


>>CNAS Lab Recognized, Highest Standards in Industry

G&G is one of only a few aftermarket manufacturers in China that has earned this recognition. We're fully qualified to carry out a range of tests to make sure high-quality, consistent products are delivered to every consumer. All lab staff are professionally trained and all advanced testing equipment meet international quality, environment, and health standards.



>>Detailed Inspections and Tests from Raw Materials to Packages

G&G collaborates with its global partners to provide first-rate cartridge raw materials. Each G&G cartridge you receive has undergone at least 16 tests from the raw material selection through to mass production. Additionally, to make sure every cartridge and its package can withstand different levels of impact encountered during the shipping and handling process, G&G conducts drop tests prior to shipment.

>>Automated Machines Offers Batch-to-Batch Consistent Quality

G&G possesses a higher degree of hybrid automated production than any other third-party supplier.

The smart lines drastically improve the accuracy of the production, enhance the consistency and stability of the products, and minimize hand-made errors while delivering a success rate of up to 99.6% for full-automated lines, and 98.6% for semi-automated lines.

>>Compliances & Certifications

G&G has achieved a number of certifications so every end-user and consumer can have peace of mind. For example, all G&G products comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), REACH Regulation, which means G&G delivers safe, environmentally-conscious products that customers feel safe to buy and use.

Compliances & Certifications

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