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G&G Unveils Breakthroughs in Printing Innovation
August 29, 2023

G&G is proud to unveil its exceptional innovation in technology and products, solidifying its position as a professional print innovator. With its commitment to innovation and excellence, G&G continues to provide partners and end users with a complete range of first-to-market, high-quality, and patent-safe printing solutions.


 G&G Unveils Breakthroughs in Printing Innovation


Robust R&D Capability

Our energetic and talented R&D team are at the heart of our innovation strategy which includes over 6% of turnover being invested back into R&D each year. That is how and why it is possible for G&G to proudly hold 5,618 patents (* as of December 31, 2022) of its own and consistently lead the industry with swift product launches. This enables G&G’s partners to be provided a competitive edge with first-to-market products. They are empowered to surpass their competitors, amplify their market share, and achieve heightened profitability.


Reliable Firmware Solutions

In the face of continual firmware upgrade challenges, G&G continues to lead from the front with its reliable, innovative, self-developed solution – Unismart for Firmware Upgrades (UFU). With its faster chip recognition and improved chip stability, Unismart ensures a worry-free resetting process. This protects partners and end users from the adverse impacts of firmware upgrades. G&G’s UFU solution effectively eliminates the need for replacing consumables, and mitigates customer dissatisfaction, ensuring peace of mind for partners and end users.


Cutting-Edge Color Control Technology

G&G also stands out with its innovative Color Control Technology. This cutting-edge technology provides G&G color toner cartridges and inks with more vivid, crisp and satisfying colors, taking the end-user printing experience to a new level. 


This Color Control Technology provides the perfect balance between precise product design, rigorous raw material selection and verification, strict manufacturing control, safety compliance and a strong supply chain. 


By considering humidity, temperature, and atmospheric conditions, G&G also fine-tunes its toner cartridges to ensure perfect performance in specific environments. Such dedication has created bestsellers including replacement color cartridges for the HP W2120/W2100/W2200/W2300 series.


Diverse Ink Solutions

G&G's commitment to innovation also extends to ink solutions. G&G can offer a wide range of options for those who have diverse printing needs with its innovative Gloria and EverBrite inks.


G&G Gloria is a dye-based ink solution specially designed for photo printing, used in many ink bottles of G&G, including the patented ink bottles for the Epson 057 series. It boasts a superior range of vivid, expressive colors along with improved resistance to fading, and an innovative, anti-clogging ink formula.


In addition, pigment-based EverBrite inks are featured in most of G&G’s inkjet cartridges. This includes the recently launched, remanufactured inkjet cartridges that can be used in the HP PageWide XL and Small Business series. Using EverBrite inks guarantees remarkable water, smudge, and fade resistance. End users also enjoy smoother printing without any clogging of the printheads. With their emphasis on durability and quality, these inks meet the demands of professional printing while maintaining the convenience of domestic applications.


G&G's dedication to innovation goes beyond words and can be seen in its cutting-edge technologies and innovative printing solutions. Positioning itself as a professional print innovator, G&G is devoted to continuous R&D and innovation that delivers a unique and excellent printing experience.

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