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Revolutionize Your Dual-Eco Inkjet Print Experience with G&G
March 17, 2023

G&G, a leading global brand delivering gold-standard print supplies, is excited to announce the launch of its G&G Dual-Eco Inkjet lineup, a wallet-friendly and eco-conscious solution that revolutionize your inkjet printing experience.


"We are thrilled to offer our Dual-Eco Inkjet lineup, a smart, pocket-and-eco-friendly printing solution," said Alex Zhang, from G&G’s inkjet R&D team. "Our customers deserve high-quality products that meet their needs, and the G&G Dual-Eco lineup of products provides just that."


Dual-Eco Inkjet cartridges come with a larger ink capacity that provides double the number of the pages compared to original cartridges. This translates into a more economical cost per page, making G&G Dual-Eco a budget-friendly choice. Taking a replacement Epson T9451 as an example, G&G’s Dual-Eco can save up to 73% in terms of cost per page.



Additionally, Dual-Eco cartridges offer a user-friendly print experience that is identical to the original cartridges.



The smart chips enabled in G&G Dual-Eco cartridges are tailor-made to ensure precise counting and real-time ink level monitoring while safeguarding privacy and security.



G&G Dual-Eco cartridges deploy the brand’s high-end, Everbrite Office ink. These lab-tested pigment inks guarantee consistent print quality throughout the cartridge's lifespan without clogging.



Featuring 100% more pages, the G&G Dual-Eco is a no-brainer when it comes to an environmentally friendly choice. By using less plastic to achieve more yields, it is a sustainable option for users to reduce their carbon footprint.



The G&G Dual-Eco lineup has undergone extensive testing in various MPS environments, ensuring compatibility with printers. MPS users can enjoy lower printing costs, fewer replacements, and lower maintenance expenses as a result.


The current G&G Dual-Eco lineup covers several ink pack and desktop ink cartridge models. More SKUs are being developed to join the portfolio.


Available Product List:



For more information about G&G’s Dual-Eco lineup, please send email to info@ggimage.com.

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