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G&G Prioritizes Patent Development for Legally Safe Printing Solutions
March 27, 2024

G&G Prioritizes Patent Development for Legally Safe Printing Solutions

As competition in the printer consumables industry intensifies, the demand for reliable and legally safe printing solutions has never been greater. Innovation extends beyond developing new products; it now requires aftermarket manufacturers to rigorously respect the intellectual property of the printer OEMs and to prioritize the end-user experience by researching and creating their own patented solutions.


To this end, G&G continues to develop patent-safe solutions for its customers. These solutions can safeguard their businesses against legal risks, which could result in significant expenses and the loss of customers, sales, and profits. G&G is committed to providing a business environment where customers can confidently expand their customer base and profits with peace of mind.


Its robust portfolio of 5,841 innovative patents (*As of June 30, 2023) provides G&G with compelling confidence that it can guarantee such a safe business environment with its consistently reliable, safe, and workable solutions.


"G&G's journey in patent development dates back to 2006 when we first introduced our patented solutions for Brother's TN4 and 5 series of toner cartridges," said Liang Qijie, G&G's Patent Development Manager. “Since then, our dedication to innovation has only grown stronger.”


“Take, for example, the Canon dongle gear—an industry-wide patent challenge over many years. It affected remanufactures as much as those making compatible products,” Liang added.


“Rather than simply circumventing it, G&G’s innovators saw it as an opportunity to create a proprietary structure that respects existing OEM patents. We worked hard to develop our own patented solutions, such as the Non-Rotating Gear, which we call Blue Drive technology," explained Liang. 


This innovative technology offers flexible rotation and automatic gear correction. It enhances the performance of our toner cartridges and delivers a better user experience, and it also sets a new standard for innovation in the industry.


G&G's patent expertise is further demonstrated by a wide range of newly introduced patented solutions. These include ink solutions for HP DesignJet series printers, patented toner cartridge replacements for Brother TN 3600 and 2510 series printers, and G&G’s innovative Dual-Eco inkjet lineup for Epson Workforce Pro series printers.


G&G doesn't just create products; it pioneers solutions that benefit its customers and advance the wider printing industry. G&G is dedicated to strengthening its patents and developing more safe and innovative printing solutions.

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