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Industrial Durable Label Printers
Designed with durability and productivity in mind, our G&G-branded industrial label printers come with built-in keyboards and are well suited for the electrical, telecom and allied industry sectors.

Resistant to tough conditions like extreme temperatures, these label printers have been designed and built to last for a long time outdoors.

They have a flexible print width up to 108mm.
Desktop Label & Ticket Printers
Our G&G desktop label printers are best suited for use in the office, retail, and logistics sectors.
They all feature:
  • Wireless and NFC connectivity,
  • Smart printing from PC, Mac, smartphones,and tablets,
  • Easy-to-read text and barcodes.
Portable Label Printers
G&G’s portable label printers are lightweight by design allowing you to print on the move and on demand.
  • Customise the labels according to your needs from the wide range of accessories available,
  • Simple to use so you can easily manage your work and life,
  • Convenient for personal use at home, school and hospital
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