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G&G Reborn: The Story Behind Choosing Reman OEM Empties
April 28, 2020

On April 21, G&G announced its industry-leading remanufactured solutions for use in copiers, G&G Reborn.


In this video, Veronica from G&G Print Lab will unlock the last secret of G&G Reborn, the remanufactured empties.

There are three types of cartridge shells available in today’s aftermarket: cloned OEM shells, patent designed shells and remanufactured OEM shells (also known as remanufactured OEM empties). Why did G&G Reborn decide to use remanufactured OEM shells?


》》G&G always respects IP of others. G&G will never take cloned OEM shells into consideration.
》》Using patent designed shells is a good option to avoid infringement. Yet, a non-infringing shell design may lead to lack of functionality, imperfect match to machine or poor user experience. These defects are unacceptable for copier users.
》》By far, using remanufactured OEM shells has been the best option for copier users. Remanufactured OEM shells guarantee: no infringement, same function to OEM shells and OEM-like user experience.
》》Using remanufactured shells is also better for the environment too, preventing one less cartridge from ending up in a landfill.

G&G Reborn remanufactured cartridges for use in Ricoh are available!
Ricoh MP C2003/2004/2503/2504
Ricoh MP C3003/3004/3503/3504
Ricoh MP C4503/4504/5503/6003/6004
Ricoh IM C2500/IM C2000
Ricoh IM C3000/C3500
Ricoh IM C4500/C5500/C6000

G&G Reborn provides OEM-like printing experience and quality but without OEM price tag” is not an empty slogan. Contact us via info@ggimage.com to check how much you can save!

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