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Solving Your Firmware Problem 68% Faster! How Come?
November 05, 2020

It has been a while since Ninestar has debuted the best-ever solution-Unismart for Firmware Upgrade (hereinafter referred to as UFU), to manage OEMs’ recurring firmware issues. Seine (Holland) B.V., Ninestar’s European Service Center, was among the first batch of customers to enjoy the innovative UFU. Check the story here to know how it helped the Center boost chip resetting efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Seine (Holland) B.V. has been Ninestar’s Europe Service Center since 2019. One of its services is to be responsible for EU partners’ cartridge chip upgrade.  
>The unavoidable unpacking and repacking always take the most time and effort, which is the main reason that chip resetting efficiency has never been improved.
>Usually it takes 1 week to get the new chips.
>Ninestar sends experienced engineer and technicians regularly to guide the Center for dealing with cartridges affected by OEMs’ firmware upgrades. Restrictions on international travel have made trips to Europe to work out problems on the Center significantly harder.
>Skills are required to reset or replace chips and the non-UFU chip reset machines need to be adjusted by experienced technicians.
>Two sets of UFU machines were sent to EU Service Center as the timely value-added support.
>68% increase in chip resetting efficiency.

Oleg Zhao, General Manager of Seine (Holland) B.V., commented, “Our team is vastly more efficient and able to collaborate like never before. With UFU, we save a lot on unpacking and repacking time; no need to wait for new chips, because UFU enables us to achieve real-time chip data synchronization; even unskilled people can reset the chip quickly and nicely. I’m very pleased to learn there is a whopping 68% increase in chip resetting efficiency. It really helps and works, allowing us to deliver industry-leading customer service against firmware upgrades, especially under current tough time.”

Ninestar has always believed in providing the best products and solutions possible to help its customers to achieve robust business growth. Contact us to make the switch and let us be part of your success story.


Know more about UFU:


UFU helps! Smarter UFU machines will be unveiled in Ninestar Products & Solutions Launch. Watch it online on https://www.youtube.com/c/ninestarimage/ .
>4:30 PM, Tuesday, November 17,2020 Beijing Time
>1:00 AM, Wednesday, November 18,2020 Beijing Time

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