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Ninestar Furthers Commitment to Quality with Debut of New Automated Line for replacement HP CF226 Series
August 25, 2020

As the owner of the highest level of automation in the aftermarket, Ninestar has launched a new fully automated line recently. The new line dedicates to the production of patented and dependable replacements for HP CF226 series toner cartridges.

Implementation of this line was to stabilize quality and to keep up with demand for Ninestar’s popular product-patented replacements for HP CF226 series, which feature Ninestar’s latest patented workaround for Canon dongle gear products.

“We believe that the opening of this new fully automated line will elevate customer benefits to the next level,” said Johnson Qiang, Vice General Manager of Ninestar Image and Vice General Manager of Printing Consumables BU, Ninestar Corporation. “This new intelligent manufacturing line supports fast delivery, increased cost efficiency and consistent high quality standards. We’re confident the products manufactured by this new line will amaze our partners and users.”

Ninestar began investing in automation in 2012. Today, much of Ninestar’s ink cartridge production has been automated and 4 fully automated toner cartridge workshops have come on line. To learn more about Ninestar’s automation, click here.  

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