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Ninestar Debuts Best Ever Solution to Manage Firmware Upgrades
July 28, 2020

OEM firmware upgrades are a recurring issue in aftermarket. Ninestar's data shows the number of unreasonable firmware upgrades is climbing on average. When a firmware upgrade blocks aftermarket cartridges, companies up and down the supply chain must scramble to replace inventories and deal with angry customers. The upgrade of affected cartridges can be enormously complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

Driven by innovation and teamwork, Ninestar's R&D teams, Product Department, Legal Department have come together to create the Upgrade without Unpacking Solution, the best ever solution to manage firmware upgrades.

As the name suggests, this solution is to upgrade cartridges affected by firmware upgrades without opening their packages. It is Ninestar’s brand new and innovative solution to easily and efficiently help customers rework cartridges and to minimize their loss by saving time and labor costs.

This new solution features:

>>  First to market  
>>  Simple and easy operation
>>  Save time and labor costs
>>  Cloud sync data enables you to upgrade affected products at anytime and anywhere
>>  Patented design


For detailed information, please contact info@ggimage.com.

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