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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. Break lines
    A.It's because air runs into the ink conduit or there is dirt in the printer head. You can carry on the "nozzle clean procedure" several times, or turn off the printer for several hours,or do the cleaning with cleaning cartridges
  • Q. The Nozzle Test is ok,but there are still break lines.
    A.Please carefully check the nozzle test printout, you may find the picture is in disorder. This is because the printer head is deviated. You can use print head aligning tool in application tool once or several times until it's OK.
  • Q. Horizontal line appears in regular cycle
    A.It's because the aging of print head. You have to change print head.
  • Q. If unreadable code occur on printout
    A.There are several possible reasons, 1. Virus with printer. You need to reinstall device driver or restart computer or reinstall system; 2. Bad contact with data cable. Reconnect data cable or change a new data cable. 3. Device driver for printer is damaged. Remove the old device driver and reinstall.
  • Q. The edges of the text or form is fuzzy
    A.There are several possible reasons, 1. Printing paper is humid, pls dry printing paper or use a dry printing paper; 2. Printing paper is wrinkled or not smooth, pls change printing paper; 3. The bottom of the print head is dirty, pls clean print head.
  • Q. Trails on the edges of the picture
    A.It's because the aging of print head. You have to change print head.
  • Q. After install a new cartridge, but can't print.
    A.The yellow label is not ripped off. The air guiding tunnel is still in a closed state, and air can’t flow into the cartridge. Pls rip off the yellow label.
  • Q. Color distortion and color cast
    A.1. Clean the print head for several times. If still not ok,place it for 1~2 hours and try again. 2. Maybe one cartridge is missing or used out, pls do nozzle test to check which one is missing or used out, just replace with a new one. 3. The printer program in the computer is not the same with printer you’re using. Pls set the right printer program. 4. The printer is settled to be economical mode, pls set another mode for better performance. 5. Color distortion is also related with computer color management,screen resolution, printer resolution, as well as print media. Please adjust the DPI to a higher figure 6. If your printer needs 2 or more inkjets, please check whether the inkjets are with same brand, as same brand ink has good compatibility 7. If above methods can’t work, maybe it’s because of the ink cartridges have bad quality, the damaged cartridges, or the aging print head and etc. Pls replace the inkjets or replace the print head.
  • Q. The picture is rough, not exquisite or not smooth
    A.1. If the print paper is not good, ink will be easily to permeate. Pls change the print paper. 2. If the DPI is setted too low, the print speed is increased, but printing quality is influenced. You can set the DPI to a higher figure.
  • Q. Printer head is clogged
    A.Step 1: Please clean the print head no more than 6 times until it’s ok; Step 2: If it doesn’t work after the cleaning, please turn off the printer for one day. Then clean the print head and have a check the nozzle. Step 3: If it’s still not solved after the step 1 and step 2,you could forcibly print out a picture firstly, then clean the printer head and check the nozzle. Step 4: If all above methods don’t work, you need to send the printer to the Maintenance Station to clean.
  • Q. The printer carries out the cleaning procedure consistently after the installation of the new inkjet cartridges.
    A.This is normal; the printer do the cleaning repeatedly is for the purpose of filling the ink. When new inkjet cartridges are installed for the first time, it takes a few minutes to make the ink system full and make the printer initialization. When the ink is about to be full, the lights on the printer control panel blinks consistently; the printer couldn’t be turned off when the ink system is not full.
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