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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. Chip of compatible toner cartridge can't be recognized
    A.If your printer runs smoothly and you want to continue using G&G or any other third-party high cost-effective products in the future, we recommend you to turn off automatic upgrade function to say no to firmware upgrades.
  • Q. Will compatible laser toner cartridges damage my machine?
    A. No, and we guarantee it. Your printer, fax or copier should produce quality print jobs with either new or remanufactured toner cartridges. If your machine does break down and the repair proves to be cartridge related, our customer dept. will check and offer credit for repairing the machine.
  • Q. Do remanufactured toner cartridges last as long as new?
    A.Yes. All of our toner cartridges are filled to maximum capacity and are carefully weighed before distribution.
  • Q. Installation failed
    A.a. Please check whether the protection shield is removed or not open. b. for some models, we produce universal version or patent version, the structure will have small difference from original, it may have some interference during installation, pls try more times to install or follow the instruction on cartridge or in box. c. for Brother toner cartridge, there is technical gear on one side. Because each cartridge is tested on assembly line, sometimes after test the worker may forget to reset the gear which causes failed installation. But we have used fool-proofing design, this case happen rarely.
  • Q. Cartridge can't be recognized
    A.a. take the cartridge out from the printer, check the cartridge chip and the contact point in printer, use a dry cloth or paper tissue to clean the chip and the contact point if necessary and then reinstall. b.If the cartridge is without chip, please check whether the technical gear is installed properly, and reset it by following the instruction on our website c. For some brand for example Samsung/Lexmark, the original manufacturer frequently update the hardware, old chip can’t work on updated version, pls contact with your sales manager for a new updated chip. d. Please check the compatibility list if the cartridge can be used for this printer. Sometimes XXX capacity cartridge can’t work on printers which use lower capacity. e OEM has more and more complicated chip technology, to avoid the aftermarket competition, for some Lexmark and HP new models, the aftermarket chip has many serial numbers. If you use same serial number chip on same printer, the printer will report error code. You need to replace with a new chip or another cartridge.
  • Q. Lower Page Yield
    A.a. If the page yield of compatible carts is within 5% less than OEM’s, this is normal as page yield is not just depended on how many toner is filled, but also affected by the state of printer/ environment/what you print/prints coverage/concentration setting etc. b. If the page yield of compatible carts is less than OEM’s dramatically (more than 5%), there may be several reasons. 1. The filled toner is not enough. Usually this will happen rarely, because we have strict quality control, for each batch we randomly inspect the quality and weigh it, if the difference is big, we will find it before delivery. 2. The document customer print is with high coverage. High coverage printing will cost more toner than for each page. OEM and aftermarket producer use ISO19752 and ISO24712 standard to test page yield, the coverage is 5%. As most users print more graphics, gray scales and large amounts of text which with high coverage, obviously the page yield will not be enough.
  • Q. If you get blank print out
    A.1. please check whether the sealing tape is pulled out if the blank printput is printed 2. If the laser door inside the printer does not open, the laser bean cannot reach the OPC then there will no discharge on OPC thus no toner powder will be transferred. A broken OPC shutter door will stop image to be transferred from the OPC to the paper.
  • Q. Periodic lines or points on printout
    A. Extraneous impurity may cause periodic lines or points on the output, please place the cartridge with the opening section downward to make the extraneous impurity drops out
  • Q. Chip of compatible inkjet cartridge can't be recognized
    A.If your printer runs smoothly and you want to continue using G&G or any other third-party high cost-effective products in the future, we recommend you to turn off automatic upgrade function to say no to firmware upgrades.
  • Q. What's the quality assurance period for G&G inkjet cartridge?
    A.Quality assurance period for compatible new inkjet cartridge is 30 months; for remanufactured inkjet cartridge is 18 months
  • Q. When a new cartridge is inserted, the printer sometimes states the new cartridges to be half full. Why does it happen?
    A.The printer only estimates the level of the ink in the cartridge. It is not a precise measurement. The new cartridges should be full and should last as long as normal.
  • Q. Sometimes when a compatible cartridge is installed, a warning prompt states that "Non-genuine cartridge is installed, continue?" why does this happen?
    A.Warning prompt is set by the printer manufacturer. Click YES to continue printing. There is no impact on printer and printing quality.
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