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G&G Reveals Its Latest Recycling Records on International Reman Day
April 11, 2022

Ninestar started out as a remanufacturer of printer cartridges more than 20 years ago in 2000. Despite the continuing growth in demand for new-built products, remanufacturing continues to be a significant business. For this reason, Ninestar’s G&G brand launched its premium “GOING GREEN” recycling program in the USA and Europe in 2019. Built on this success, it expanded the program into China in 2021. 


G&G GOING GREEN recycling program


The G&G GOING GREEN recycling program encourages end-users in Europe, the USA and China to return their used cartridges for recycling using a convenient, free mail-back service. Every returned cartridge is carefully sorted and spotlessly cleaned under rigorous standards before being reused and remanufactured. Any broken, unrepairable, or unusable cartridges are sent to accredited recycling programs.  


G&G GOING GREEN recycling program


G&G wants to end the cycle of wasting cartridges by giving them a new life which saves resources and minimizes waste. To this end, G&G continues to make great progress on its eco-friendly report card.  


Remarkable results were achieved in 2021 revealing 230,218 cartridges were collected and recycled in Europe and the USA and the utilization of empties ups to 80%.



G&G’s Recycling Program Milestones

>G&G cooperates with USPS in USA and PostNL in Europe on the recycling program. —2019

>G&G officially announces it has started a recycling program in Europe and USA. —July, 2020

>About 110,000 cartridges are recycled during 2020.

>G&G cooperates with SF Express and expands the program into China. –March, 2021

>A total of 230,218 cartridges are recycled during 2021.


"Reducing the carbon footprint is extremely vital to everyone,” said Eric Zhang, the General Manager of Ninestar Image. “We pride ourselves on reusing and recycling every cartridge to its maximum potential, which is beneficial to the environment. G&G will continue to heavily promote its recycling program and call on more end-users to join in this Green Action to care for our planet—not just on Reman Day but every day."


To learn more about this program, please send an email to info@ggimage.com.

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