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G&G Reveals Its Inkjet Remanufacturing Strategy on Global Recycling Day
March 18, 2024

Junno Gong used Global Recycling Day on March 18, 2024, to share her perceptions about remanufacturing inkjet printer cartridges.


G&G Reveals Its Inkjet Remanufacturing Strategy on Global Recycling Day

As deputy director of Remanufactured Inkjet Empties Purchasing at G&G, Gong firmly believes there is unlimited potential for the development of inkjet remanufacturing.


“It not only meets the environmental protection requirements of various regions, especially in Europe, but the patent risk related to remanufacturing printer cartridges is also low,” she said.


>> Can you describe the key innovations that G&G has implemented in the inkjet remanufacturing process to enhance product quality and environmental sustainability?

G&G has a unique, innovative 8-step ink cartridge remanufacturing process. Every G&G reman ink cartridge has undergone at least 8 tests, from selecting raw materials to packaging. We require all incoming raw materials to be strictly inspected under strict standards. Experienced staff fit all components and parts together and cross-check to ensure the quality of each process. 


In addition, during the remanufacturing process, we use solar energy and turn wastewater into clean water through our sustainable water treatment program. The clean water is used to water flowers and trees, which are now growing in our factory gardens. You are welcome to visit and see for yourself.


By extending the life of the cartridges, G&G essentially reduces waste and helps its customers contribute to a greener future.


>> What are the most significant challenges G&G faces in the remanufacturing process, and how does G&G address these challenges to maintain high standards in product performance?

The traditional remanufactured ink cartridge cleaning process may consume a large amount of water, which will eventually turn into sewage. This may be a “fake green” product. 


G&G uses tailor-made, automated production cleaning lines. This increases efficiency by 20% and saves up to 65% of the water that would have been used by traditional means. In G&G’s 1,500-square-meter sewage treatment, we “turn waste into wealth” to water the flowers, as I mentioned before. So, our product is genuinely green; there is no greenwashing.


>> How has G&G's approach to remanufacturing inkjet cartridges impacted the broader printing and consumables market?

G&G always encourages customers and end users to think and act green. We try our best to create a “closed loop” printing experience for end users and help them minimize their carbon footprint. That’s why G&G has started running recycling programs in Europe since 2020. We pride ourselves on reusing and recycling every cartridge to its maximum potential, which benefits the environment.


In the future, G&G will focus on increasing the utilization rate of recycled materials, find its breakthrough direction, and invest more in environmental protection and sustainability.


>> With the rapid advancement of printing technology, how does G&G ensure that remanufactured inkjet cartridges remain compatible with the latest printers?

G&G rigorously tracks the latest new product information from the printer OEMs. Being “the shadow of the OEMs” has allowed us to respond quickly to market demand. To ensure our reman ink cartridges remain compatible with the latest printers and to test for dependable performance, G&G conducts a 100% post-test for every cartridge in the latest printers.


>> What quality assurance measures does G&G employ to ensure that remanufactured inkjet cartridges meet or exceed the performance of original cartridges?

G&G always strives to deliver high-quality, healthy, and sustainable products that comply with national standards. We have gone through the rigorous process of achieving the necessary certifications so every consumer can have peace of mind.


Furthermore, we insist on using non-toxic, safe inks to reduce the environmental impact. Each cartridge is made in ISO 9001-certified facilities. We will never compromise the standards for quality, safety and sustainability.


So, we are proud to say our reman ink cartridges match or exceed the performance of original cartridges.


If you want to learn more about G&G inkjet remanufacturing or explore other business opportunities with us, please email info@ggimage.com.

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