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G&G Sets Ambitious 120 Million Reman Goal
April 11, 2024

G&G Sets Ambitious 120 Million Reman Goal


To mark Global Reman Day, G&G announces its goal of recycling and reusing 120 million empty printer cartridges by October 2024.


Global Reman Day is on April 11 and is supported by various industry sectors, including printer cartridge remanufacturing. These include the automotive, machinery, computers, medical, wood, and office furniture industries.


G&G, a leading printer cartridge remanufacturer since 2000, started setting targets in January 2021 and has now set the goal of reaching 120 million ink and toner cartridges target by October 2024.


"We are proud to announce our goal of remanufacturing 120 million used printer cartridges," said Linda Fan, Senior Vice General Manager of G&G. "This target is part of our ongoing commitment to a more sustainable printing industry," she added.


Fan admits the target is ambitious, but not impossible. She explained that setting goals must have a purpose. “It isn't just about numbers,” she said.


Remanufacturing 120 million cartridges is expected to bring substantial environmental benefits. It is estimated that 842 million new parts will be saved and that CO2 emissions will be reduced by at least 3588.31 tons, equivalent to planting 163,000 trees.


Estimated environmental benefits from remanufacturing 120 million cartridges


To achieve this goal, G&G will further its partnership with “empties” suppliers to ensure a reliable source of used cartridges. At the same time, G&G’s "Going Green" recycling program will continue to encourage customers to return their used cartridges to G&G for recycling.


“Through collaboration with our valued partners and customers, we are confident in our ability to achieve this ambitious target. Together, we can make a difference," Fan emphasized.


Others “recycle” empty cartridges as well but the empties are crushed with the metals and plastics being used to make other products. “Recycling” is not as good for the environment as “reuse.”


Since its establishment in 2000, G&G has been committed to remanufacturing printer cartridges. For 24 years, it has been collecting, recycling, and remanufacturing cartridges and extending the lifespan of these products. Remanufacturing significantly reduces waste and conserves valuable resources.


Beyond its recycling efforts, G&G continues investing in innovative technologies and sustainable practices to further reduce its carbon footprint across all operations. These investments include energy-saving automated production lines, a water treatment station, solar panels, and a charging station for electric cars.


G&G remains committed to transparency throughout this process and will provide regular updates on its progress towards the 120 million cartridge goal. Individuals and organizations are invited to join G&G in its mission to create a more sustainable printing industry.

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