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G&G Unveils New Brand Positioning and Slogan “Your Image Matters”
July 14, 2023

G&G, a premium brand offering gold-standard printer cartridges and professional printing solutions, has unveiled its new brand positioning. The refreshed and inspiring slogan - “Your Image Matters” comes with a new proposition - “Devoted to continuous R&D and innovation that delivers a unique and excellent printing experience.”


Your Image Matters


The G&G story began in 2000. At that time, consumers had very little choice in printing consumables. G&G worked hard to provide choices for consumers of printing supplies with innovative, high-quality, alternative solutions that respected the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). 


Following a visit to Antarctica in 2003, G&G's leaders were inspired by the emperor penguins' resilience and determination to survive in a constantly changing environment. The emperor penguin became G&G's mascot, symbolizing the company's determination to overcome any difficulties and its commitment to the environment. Through its appearance on G&G's product packaging, campaign slogans, and a collection of entertaining animated images, the emperor penguin has become a widely recognized symbol for G&G.


“In this ever-changing world, we want every person who uses a G&G product to be impacted positively,” said Eric Zhang, General Manager of G&G. “At the heart of our brand refresh is our ongoing commitment to be innovative in providing a better experience to every customer at every level.”


For decades, G&G used the slogan “Work for the Best Image” to reflect its ongoing commitment to innovative R&D. A fresh slogan, “Your Image Matters”, embraces the hard work reflected in the thousands of patents it holds. Moreover, it shifts the focus to the needs and demands of its customers at every level. A quality G&G print also has the ability to provide integrity and increase the impression others will have of the consumer.


To date, G&G has a presence in 170 countries which has been earned through innovative, high-quality, one-stop printing solutions and quality service to consumers.

In the meantime, G&G is looking for additional partners to build a stronger supply network and provide better printing solutions for global users.

“G&G is committed to working closely with its partners. We provide them with the necessary tools, training, and support to succeed in the market,” Zhang said, “We expect the new brand positioning and inspiring slogan will make a positive impact on the printing industry, coupled with the delivery of exceptional printing experiences for consumers globally.”

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