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15:30 Greenwich Mean Time, July 21, 2022
Time to Walk the Talk on Patents: Ninestar’s Patent Talk Webinar
The imaging supplies industry continues to be confronted with more patent lawsuits from the printer manufacturers.
Many distributors are worried that the products they sell could be involved in costly lawsuits and legal disputes.
In such markets, how can you have confidence in operating your business while growing it in the future?
Ninestar can show you how at its upcoming Patent Talk webinar.

Sean Cao

Senior R&D Director, Print Consumables BU, Ninestar Corporation

With 20 years’ experience, Cao has achieved many patent successes. He works as the director and Chief Patent Technology Officer in Ninestar's patent and R&D department. His responsibilities include IP risks control, patented technology and design, product patents and the R&D management of toner and inkjet cartridges.

About the Patent Talk webinar
Ninestar respects the intellectual property of the printer OEMs. It has often been referred to as the "shadow of the OEM". This is because Ninestar—over two decades—has invested in the research and development of workaround solutions that do not infringe the patents of others. It also expects others to respect its patented solutions as well. Ninestar holds a broad patent portfolio in aftermarket. The company’s size gives it the ability to quickly release “first to market” “patent-safe” product solutions.
“Innovation is in Ninestar’s DNA.” Therefore, Ninestar’s distributors and partners can confidently remain competitive in the marketplace.

The Patent Talk webinar will reveal how you can:
  • Capture local markets with the first-to-market solutions
  • Gain profits with quality patent-safe products featuring innovative design
  • Safeguard your business without being impacted by patent infringement disputes.
This webinar is FREE, so REGISTER NOW to apply for a place at the webinar.
15:30 Greenwich Mean Time, July 21, 2022
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About Walk The Talk
Walk the Talk is a series of webinars that leave no stone unturned in bringing you the latest ideas, innovations, strategies, experiences, and opportunities to thrive in the new post-pandemic landscape.
Patent Talk was the second episode of Walk the Talk series.
There are more topics coming.
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