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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What should I do if the app cannot connect to the printer?
    Please follow below methods: 1. Restart the phone Bluetooth and the printer; 2. Restart the phone.
  • Why can't you see all your albums when you print photos after installing an APP on your iPhone?
    After the APP is installed on the iPhone, a dialog box will pop up when you open the album for the first time asking whether to select "All photos/Selected photos/closed". Please select all photos, otherwise, you need to go to the phone Settings to select again.
  • What should I do if vertical stripes appear on the printed photo?
    There may be dust on the print head, please clean it as follows: 1. With no paper in the printer, place the blue calibration card and close the paper tray cover; 2. After doing the above operations three times, the dust on the print head can be cleaned.
  • How do I clear a paper load error?
    1. Slide open the paper tray cover. 2. Remove all photo sticker paper from the printer. 3. Re-insert the paper into the printer with the glossy side up. 4. Close the paper tray cover.
  • Why is a printed photo not as bright as it appears on my phone?
    Colors of electronically displayed images differ from those of printed images because active and passive light sources have different operating principles. Electronic devices use RGB color space while printing devices use CMYK color space. These differ in both color range and conversion algorithm, resulting in slightly different color effects. A printed image will appear closest to how it looks on an electronic device when the screen's backlight is set to the lowest level, and the brighter the screen backlight is, the greater the difference.
  • Why would a photo print out as a blank page?
    If a photo comes out blank, it may be because the photo paper was inserted upside down, which will prevent the printer from printing properly. When adding paper, make sure it is glossy side up.
  • What would cause the edges of a photo to be cut off?
    The Mi Portable Photo Printer supports borderless printing. To ensure the final photo doesn't have a white border, about 1 mm around the image's edge may be cropped when printing.
  • Why would the printer not print out a task I sent?
    Please refer to the following troubleshooting steps: 1. Make sure the output tray is not blocked. 2. Make sure the printer has enough battery. 3. Check whether the printer has encountered an error: If it has, queued print tasks will be paused until the error is cleared. Common troubleshooting solutions are provided on the app's error page.
  • What is the purpose of the blue calibration card?
    Each pack of photo paper contains an blue calibration card to ensure the paper is aligned properly when printing. To ensure print quality, always calibrate the printer using the included calibration card after adding new photo paper.
  • What is the correct way to store photo paper?
    Photo paper should be kept in a cool, dust-free, low-humidity environment out of direct sunlight. 1. High temperatures and direct sunlight can cause the paper to become discolored. 2. Humidity, water, and other liquids can cause the paper to become discolored and wrinkled. 3. Dust can cause scratches on the paper and damage the printer.
  • How do I make sure the photo paper sticks properly?
    Photo paper should be adhered to a smooth, flat surface. Avoid exposing the paper to high heat and humidity, as this can cause the paper to curl up or lose its adhesive properties.
  • What is the correct way to store the printer?
    The printer has a built-in lithium battery and should not be stored in a hot or humid environment. Do not use the printer if it has been submerged in water. The printer should be recharged at least once every 3 months.
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