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Why Do You Need a Color Toner Cartridge and How to Choose One?
July 07, 2022

The quality of a color printout significantly depends on two things: the printers performance and the color toner cartridgeused in it.


A good quality cartridge gives brilliant and superior results. It can make or break the printing output, and today we list all the reasons why owning a color toner cartridge is crucial and how you can choose from such a wide range of options.


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Color Laser Printers Are Essential in Todays Era

The demand for color printers has grown considerably over the past few years as more businesses have several work tasks depending on them. Moreover, the need for fast, high-functioning printers in the workplace is necessary in today’s modern world.


Here are a few of the jobs where having an in-bound color printer is essential:


l  Photographers

Wedding and portfolio shoots call for stunning printed photographs. A reliable printer is needed to print high-quality photos to create vibrant and high-quality albums. It is one of the reasons why photography agencies purchase their color printers to save time and money.


l  Small-Medium Business

Even though the world has shifted towards the digital era, nothing beats the impact of a good quality print document. Small and medium-sized businesses prefer to have in-office color printers for office documentation, posters, proposals, etc. Using a color printer adds extra benefits to your messaging, improving client retention, motivation, and brand awareness.


l  Schools

There is a rising demand for color printers in the education sector, especially in primary schools. They are used to print presentations, worksheets, flashcards, and much more. 


This is because reading text from a print is much quicker and easier than reading from a device screen and enhances learning. Schools are now considering color printers as their must-have equipment since vibrant printouts make studying fun for young and impressionable minds.


Benefits of Color Cartridges

There are many benefits to using color toner cartridges than ink cartridges. For example, laser printers use toner, which is a powder. It makes the images and text more explicit and is printed much faster since the heat transfers the powder to the paper.


Below are some key benefits of choosing a color toner cartridge and ditching the antique ink ones:


1.      Color Printing is More Realistic

Compared to ink printers, color toner cartridges provide a more realistic appearance. Images made with toner are exceptionally clear. When printing photographs and graphics, the laser technologys improved clarity and precision can help make the elements stand out.


2.      Higher Resolution and Sharper Images

Toner cartridges are designed for printing photos to produce much higher resolution and sharp images. They are the ideal choice for a high-quality and excellent printing experience, while inkjet printers are more likely to smudge and disrupt picture quality.


3.      High Printing Speed than Ink

Printers equipped with color toner cartridges print more pages per minute than a printer with a standard ink cartridge and have longer durability. This entails that they provide a greater volume of pages while also providing a chance to lessen the demand for upkeep and repair.


(Copyright photo from: https://unsplash.com/photos/Tzm3Oyu_6sk)

3 Things to Consider While Purchasing Color Toner Cartridge

Knowing which color toner cartridge works best for you is the key to the perfect printout. There are multiple things one should consider while purchasing color toner cartridges – here are the top 3 three things you should keep in mind:


1.      Choose a Suitable Model

The number one thing you should be certain about is the printer’s model before purchasing the color toner. You might purchase the wrong cartridge, which won’t even adjust in your printer. To get a precise color toner cartridge, you can also verify the model number of the cartridge. This implies that you must conduct sufficient research before making a final decision.


2.      Page Yield

The next thing you are required to know is how many pages the cartridge can yield. The printers high yield or extra high yield feature will determine what toner you need to buy. Compared to standard-yield toner cartridges, high yield and extra high yield cartridges hold more toner, last longer, print more pages, and thus cost slightly more as well.


3.      Know the Types of Toner

Knowing the right type of toner is another essential element that should be kept in mind. Remember, while purchasing a compatible toner cartridge, you should see if the product uses high-quality chemical powder so that there is a higher transfer rate and less toner waste. Going for this type of toner will save you from frequent buying cartridges, and automatically, the toner will be eco-friendly.


Get the Best Color Toner for Your Printer

Launched in 2000, G&G is a leading wholesale toner cartridges manufacturer. G&G is known for delivering superior and premium printing solutions. Thereforethe company is the right platform for you to purchase cartridges. 


G&G carefully and precisely builds cartridges that are bound to give you:


ü  Rich, vibrant colors and high-quality, sharp images;

ü  A high transfer rate, and less wastage of powder, making it more eco-friendly and more cost-effective;

ü  The ideal fit for multiple OEM brands/models of laser printers;

ü  G&G’s high-class products come with a guaranteed warranty as well;

ü  G&G is reliable and globally renowned brand, serving customers in 170 countries around the globe. 


Visit G&G to get your hands on the best color toners on the market.

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