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So Small a Cartridge, So Many Patents
July 29, 2022

Research reveals between 70% and 80% of a company's market capitalization comes in the form of intangible assets, which include intellectual assets, including patents.


Are you aware that even the smallest of printer cartridges may own dozens or even hundreds of patents? It’s no secret patents are the “arsenal” for printer OEMs to secure their market share. It is unarguably respectable to protect the innovative inventions having invested significantly in R&D over several years. History teaches us that only those who invest in, and respect IP will survive and thrive. Your business is no different.


>>Patented Products Keep Your Business Safe


Printer OEMs are working harder to protect their IPs by filing lawsuits. With the recent rise of e-commerce platforms, those holding IP rights are successfully requesting products that allegedly infringe their patents to be removed or taken down. The OEMs have refined this process and “take downs” are being more efficient than ever before.


Sellers wanting to keep their businesses safe and to stay competitive must respect IPRs of the OEMs and deliver non-infringing products to the market.


With 22 years’ experience as a third-party supplies pioneer, G&G continues to deliver new, non-infringing products to the market with internally developed designs based on its portfolio of over 4,885 patents and a global R&D team of 2,500 researchers, technicians, and developers.


>>Patented Products Increase Profits


Being the first to market holds a lot of weight. It’s huge investment in R&D allows G&G to consistently be first to market with innovative products. G&G is confident it can provide industry-leading solutions that meet the demands of your targeted customers. This allows you to win big in the local market. Our distributors and partners are already viewed as the trusted experts and innovators in the print imaging field. It creates long term sustainability, credibility and loyalty from end-user customers who are willing to pay more for a premium product and service.


G&G’s story of innovation began with a simple inkjet cartridge. Now, 22 years later, the story continues but comes with a more innovative product portfolio to meet customer needs. So far G&G is capable of providing high-quality inkjet, toner, ink, ribbons, labels and even printers. Its innovation and technology help end-users and consumer achieve original-like print quality at better price. G&G will continue to help people experience better, affordable printing based upon technological innovation.

G&G, Your One-Stop-Shop & IP Safe Printing Solutions Provider

*G&G, Your One-Stop-Shop & IP Safe Printing Solutions Provider

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