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Print Experiences Refreshed After Using EverBrite Office Inks
August 17, 2023

Results from a recent poll reveal consumers claim the role of ink in printers, copiers, and scanners is as important as the gas in a car.

Most people working in the office have experienced blurred print results when printing text and photos at the same time. None wants such an annoying printing experience. The main cause is a poor quality ink performing badly.

Print Experiences Refreshed After Using EverBrite Office Inks

To tackle this problem, G&G developed and launched its EverBrite Office series of inks for use in the Epson T9441 series printers. Designed for consumers and SOHO staff, it is an ideal ink solution to meet the needs for multi-function, durability, and printing quality on both plain and photo papers.



Differences between Origin Dye Ink & Pigment EverBrite Ink

“Some ordinary printers use pigment-based black with dye-based color. Others just use dye-based inks. EverBrite Office is the only consumer-class 4-color ink set that uses all pigment-based inks,” said Kevin Cai, Senior Ink R&D Engineer at G&G. 

Differences between Origin Dye Ink & Pigment EverBrite Ink

Many characteristics of the ink will directly influence the final image, such as the formation principle, color performance, water resistance, fade resistance, and printed output. The differences are obvious:



Ordinary Dye-based Ink

Pigment EverBrite Ink

Formation principle

Formed by colored water-soluble molecules

Formed by insoluble pigment particles

Color performance

Great color

Brighter and more vivid color

Water resistance



Fade resistance



Pollution resistance



Printed output

The ink may spread into the fibers of the plain paper.


The edges of the prints are clear and can be stored for up to 100 years without fading.

Why the EverBrite Office series is the best choice?

  • Vivid and durable printouts are highly compatible with the original image

What you see on the screen is what you get on the printouts is what most end-users say in praise for the EverBrite printer inks. G&G’s goal is to achieve the perfect colors as part of the improved image quality and printing experience.

“The spreading of ink into the fibers of the paper is referred to as feathering. However, EverBrite Office Ink molecules remain on the surface of the paper and are not absorbed into the fibers like dye-based inks,” said Kevin Cai. “That’s why we are confident EverBrite Office Inks can perform well in both delivering text and photos that will catch the eye.”


  • Compatible with various paper materials without leakage

For ordinary dye-based ink, high-end papers are the only way to get an exquisite output. However, with pigment-based, EverBrite Inks, it does not matter what paper you use. EverBrite Office Inks work very well on plain, matte, and glossy papers. They also produce excellent results in printing reports, greeting cards, presentations, report covers, resumes, menus and photos. With EverBrite, there is no need to fear the ink may permeate the other side of the page.


  • Quicker drying ink, higher productivity

With the quick-drying formulas, the page can be touched immediately after the printing work is completed, and the printed pages can be immediately shared with colleagues and customers alike. Every printed page can be handled without the fear of damaging them or causing smudges.


G&G will continue to develop and produce pigment-based, EverBrite Inks, to meet the demands of customers and end-users who expect the best performance and want to achieve a better image.


For more information or order, please send an email to info@ggimage.com.

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