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First-to-Market G&G Products Help Beat the Competition
July 21, 2023

Being first to market with ground-breaking products allows companies to position themselves as industry leaders, drive growth and profitability, and stay ahead of the competition.


First-to-Market G&G Products Help Beat the Competition


Why does a first-to-market replacement cartridge matter in the imaging industry?

As printers and copiers evolve rapidly and new models keep popping up, customers are always looking for replacement cartridges with cost-effective prices and OEM-like performance.


However, many third-party competitors have found it difficult to develop patents for cartridges or to research suitable chips for them. Those competitors had to buy chips or cartridges from other companies. G&G is different because it has its own patent and chip solutions. Therefore, G&G replacement cartridges can seize the right moment and become an effective “sharp sword” for its partners. It helps them build brand recognition and secure long-term customer relationships before their competitors enter the market.  


How does G&G manage to be the first to react?

G&G rigorously keeps track of the latest original printer manufacturers' (OEM)’s new product information. The company has developed a reputation: “the shadow of the OEMs.” This has given G&G the ability to respond quickly to market demand. Together with its own cutting-edge technologies, G&G continues to research and develop quality, patent-safe products that feature innovative designs.


What benefits can G&G's first-to-market products bring to partners?

Offering first-to-market products helps distributors strengthen the loyalty of existing customers as well as attracting new ones. Customers appreciate being the first to experience the latest cartridges and are more likely to remain loyal to distributors who consistently bring them value. This also leads to increased customer satisfaction and retention.


What kinds of first-to-market products does G&G offer to its distributors?

G&G has mastered the art of introducing first-to-market products that give partners a significant advantage in capturing market share and generating more profits. Recently, G&G has launched many first-to-market cartridges. For example, G&G Dual-Eco lineup, patented toner cartridges for Canon 071, patented inkjet cartridges for Epson T08H, patented wide-format cartridges for Canon PFI-030, patented Ink Cartridges for RICOH GC43, and replacement toner cartridges for Kycoera TK 3400 etc.


For more information, please contact your sales manager or send an email to info@ggimage.com.

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