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Market Insights: a G&G Benefit That Builds Distributor Confidence
July 04, 2024

—Part 2 of a series identifying what distributors look for most from a manufacturer and supplier.


Experience has revealed three compelling reasons to global market leader G&G, as to why distributors and importers of printers and imaging supplies want to have access to robust market insights.


Possessing such insights provides distributors with security, reassurance, and confidence in a dynamic market, which is essential for ensuring long-term success.


The three key reasons why distributors and importers partner with a supplier that has accurate, up-to-date market insights are:


1. Anticipating and meeting customer needs: Understanding the evolving demands of end-users allows those who import and distribute imaging products to tailor their services more efficiently and effectively. For instance, the rising demand for eco-friendly ink and toner printing solutions, especially in the European Union, has prompted many distributors and retailers to seek appropriate solutions. In this case, having a strong relationship with a proactive remanufacturer or supplier with deep market insights eliminates the need for rash and potentially risky decisions. This approach fosters trust and loyalty, as customers feel their needs are anticipated and valued.

2. Enhancing competitive advantage: Possessing market insights provides a significant competitive edge. Those attuned to market trends and competitor strategies can position their products more strategically. They can identify gaps in the market, differentiate their offerings, and respond swiftly to changes with first-to-market solutions. For example, manufacturers and suppliers that follow the market closely will recognize growing trends in managed print services (MPS) and mobile printing. They will develop products with these capabilities before their competitors. Being aligned with such a supplier ensures that the distributor remains agile, relevant and competitive in adapting to the market's needs.


3. Optimizing product development and innovation: The expression, “necessity is the mother of invention,” is well founded. Being aligned with insights into future trends and customer expectations is a catalyst for better product development and innovation. In turn, this results in products that are also commercially viable. For example, knowledge of a rising market preference for high-speed, high-resolution printers has driven the development of advanced printing technologies at G&G. Partners who have access to innovative solutions that work boost their reputation as a provider of high-quality, relevant products and position them as the “go-to” leaders by those seeking a better printing experience.

Market Insights: a G&G Benefit That Builds Distributor Confidence

It is well known that discerning inkjet and laser printing end-users seek features such as high print quality, speed, cost efficiency, and sustainability. As a manufacturer and supplier, G&G understands these market demands and is in the best position to ensure that the quality and functionality of its products align with user expectations. The company’s investment in market analysis and innovative R&D has given them the edge with the first-to-market, patented solutions end-users seek.


“Leaders cannot be complacent in our global printer, copier and imaging supplies market,” said Eric Zhang, General Manager of G&G. “We remain vigilant in our research and innovative development of products needed by end-users in the market. We will never abandon this strategy because we want them to have choice and the very best printing experience.”


“Our customers expect it. You can trust us to deliver it.”


Those who have more questions about G&G’s range of products that are designed to meet market trends and consumer demands, please send an email to info@ggimage.com.


This is the second article of a seven-part series that unpacks the benefits that importers and distributors of G&G printers, imaging supplies and services can enjoy for their respective businesses. You can also read:

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