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Ambassador Visit to G&G Strengthens Kenya and China Relations
July 22, 2022

The Deputy Kenyan Ambassador to Beijing China visited the Ninestar G&G factory in Zhuhai, China to facilitate a strengthening of trade between the two countries.


Mr. Waweru Kimani (pictured) toured the factory in July 2022 following an invitation from the G&G business team. He was able to examine innovative technologies and production lines, strict quality control, compliances and certifications firsthand. 

Mr. Waweru Kimani .jpg


Kimani holds the rank of Director of Administration in the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. As part of his responsibilities, he must ensure the safe and compliant delivery of products and services to the Kenyan public. In his role, Kimani promotes a strong diplomatic engagement between Chinese and Kenyan enterprises to strengthen trade ties.


Kimani told Ninestar G&G’s General Manager Eric Zhang he was impressed with the powerful lineup of G&G products and services. His favorable comments were applauded and appreciated by G&G staff who attended an official signing ceremony of an authorized distributor agreement.


The agreement will open the Kenyan market allowing G&G products and services to be promoted and sold.


G&G Services.png  G&G Products.png

“We at G&G will ensure our partners and customers in Kenya will receive first-class products and a seamless, rich service experience as do others throughout the world,” said G&G’s branding director, Adam Miao (pictured with Kimani).


The G&G team revealed to Kimani how G&G products would be promoted in the Kenyan market.


“Kenya has been an important potential market for G&G products,” said Eric Zhang. “G&G will become a well-known, hot-sale brand in Kenya. We will make sure we will give the full service expected of a Chinese company in delivering products and support to the people of Kenya.”


Ambassador Visit to G&G.png

Agreements of cooperation were signed, and new relationships were cemented between G&G leaders and Kimani.


“I want to thank the leaders and staff at G&G for their warm welcome, their excellence in research and development, manufacturing, and support.” said Kimani.

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