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Free Trial Offered to Reveal What Makes G&G Different
May 10, 2024

At a time when some consumers and businesses worry about the reliability of third-party printing supplies, G&G, a trusted and leading provider of premium ink and toner cartridges, is launching its Free Trial Program.


 G&G Free Trial Program

This program will be launched initially in the EU and the UK. It will allow end users to experience the superior performance of G&G's products firsthand at no cost.


With the Free Trial Program, G&G takes the first step in confronting the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding compatible printing supplies. This program will allow end users and consumers to try out G&G’s premium ink and toner cartridges completely free of charge before making any purchase.


Sean Cao, Senior Product Director at G&G, is confident in the quality of the G&G product. He is committed to providing an excellent print experience for every end user, ensuring their satisfaction and peace of mind.


"I want them to see for themselves how good our products are without having to spend a penny or a cent," Cao said.


G&G also views this program as an opportunity to gather valuable customer feedback to drive continuous improvement and enhance overall satisfaction. "Our customers' feedback is important to help us improve our products and deliver the best printing solutions for everyone," emphasized Karl Jiang, Deputy Manager at G&G's Customer Service Department.


Participating in the Free Trial is simple. Consumers and end-users can apply on the G&G website, and once selected, they will receive their cartridges delivered straight to their door, free of charge.


To learn more about G&G's Free Trial Program and to apply to participate in the free trial, visit https://www.ggimage.com/zh-en/Freetrials/.

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