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G&G Celebrates 24 Years of Innovation and Sustainability
June 28, 2024

G&G's 24-year history of achievements is being celebrated by Hugo Wu, a G&G Creative Content Producer who has been with the company for nearly the past two years. Remarkably, Hugo recently turned 24, making him the same age as G&G.

"The fact that my company and I are the same age captured my attention," said Hugo. "G&G has become one of the world's largest and best-known aftermarket companies."

Reflecting on both his personal journey and G&G’s milestones, Hugo shared, "I completed my schooling and earned a university degree during my 24 years. However, G&G’s products and services have reached 170 countries—that’s quite some achievement in 24 years."

Hugo continued, "2000, the year I was born, was also the year G&G started remanufacturing inkjet cartridges. For 24 years, it has continuously remanufactured ink and toner cartridges, with over 26 million cartridges remanufactured to date."

Over the past two decades, the global industry has faced numerous challenges to grow and maintain its market share, ensuring that end-users have various choices for their printing needs.

"Not long after the company started, some of its leaders visited Antarctica," Hugo said. "They were inspired by the sheer willpower of the emperor penguins to survive. Since then, the penguin has been featured in our product packaging and marketing campaigns. It's also a reminder to all employees of our commitment to environmental care.”

G&G leaders visited Antarctica

"By the time I was only four, G&G had developed its innovative EverBrite pigment-based inks, offering sharp, vivid, smudge-free prints with a 100-year life guarantee."

G&G EverBrite Ink


"When I reached seven, G&G had emerged as a global aftermarket leader, offering ink and toner cartridges and components, including chip solutions."

G&G Ink and Toner Cartridges

"By 2013, when I was in high school at age 13, G&G had moved to its new 450,000m² industrial park in Zhuhai."

G&G's 450,000m² industrial park in Zhuhai

According to Hugo, the company has nine R&D centers in China, India, and the Philippines, and over 4,861 engineers make up 22.10% of its workforce. G&G has made substantial investments to implement its Flexible Manufacturing Technology (FMT) across its 55 automated cartridge production lines, ensuring a consistent, OEM-standard, 99.8% success rate.

G&G's Automated Production Line


Hugo says the company also came of age in its 20s. Having invested significantly in developing its own patented printer technologies, it became an OEM in its own right. It now offers its own range of laser printers, handheld inkjet printers, label printers, papers, and labels. At the same time, it has 13,700 imaging supplies SKUs—the largest range of remanufactured and compatible printing supplies, compatible with more than 90% of printers in the market. 

G&G's Product Lineups

"My colleagues here at G&G share the excitement of being part of a dynamic company that continues to mature as it adjusts to the global market's needs," Hugo added. "It sets a high standard for all of us to also meet the needs of our customers."

"Our customers set high expectations for G&G. We will continue to meet those expectations."

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