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Once again, Ninestar safeguarded its patent rights.
May 14, 2020


Since Ninestar China sued Yuzhe Company on October 17, 2018, a series of legal actions in China and Japan have been undertaken, which wrapped up successfully with Ninestar's full victory lately. With actions, Ninestar manifests once again determination and confidence to firmly maintain its intellectual property rights around the globe.

Recently, it's learned from the Ninestar's Legal Department that with regard to Zhongshan Yuzhe's infringement on Ninestar's ink-cartridge patents, after multiple confrontations in China and Japan, a comprehensive settlement has been reached finally from the two sides. Zhongshan Yuzhe fully acknowledged the validity of Ninestar's related patents, and admitted that its series of products infringed on Ninestar's several patents in China and Japan, thus willing to pay Ninestar an undisclosed amount of damages.


As an IP Leader in the printing consumables industry, Ninestar has invested heavily in R&D and technological innovation based on which its hard-won patent portfolio has been accumulated. Over the years, the company has spared no effort to defend its intellectual property rights and sustain proactively a healthy order in the industry!

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