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Differentiation: a G&G Benefit That Finds More Customers and Profits
June 05, 2024

—Part 1 of a series identifying what distributors look for most from a manufacturer and supplier.


A quick look at the market in almost every country and region reveals that many printer, copier, and imaging supplies manufacturers and distributors use price as their way to differentiate their products from those of their competitors.


Yes. Product differentiation is a crucial strategy that allows a company and its distributors to distinguish their products from those of their competitors. Discerning manufacturers and suppliers know it has little to do with price.


As a global leader in printer and imaging supplies, G&G values differentiation as a core ingredient that increases customer base and profitability.


 Differentiation: a G&G Benefit That Finds More Customers and Profits


Based on its decades of experience, G&G has established five reasons for this, as revealed by its customers:

1. Customers are attracted to unique products that stand out. This includes distinctive features, superior quality, innovative design, and exceptional service. Being unique carves out a niche market, enabling the company and its distributors to target a specific segment more effectively and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.

2. Differentiation also fosters customer loyalty. Products that meet specific needs or provide unique advantages encourage repeat purchases and brand loyalty. Loyal customers are less sensitive to price changes because they want a product that consistently works and provides a better printing experience.

3. Product differentiation actually allows for premium pricing—not discounting. Customers are willing to pay a higher price when they perceive a product as unique and valuable, which can lead to higher profit margins. For instance, G&G differentiates its products as possessing innovative and advanced technologies, and these exclusive features can command a higher price point compared with the alternatives provided by others.

4. G&G’s customers have found that differentiation reduces price competition. In markets where products are all alike, competition is primarily based on price, which leads to thin profit margins. However, differentiated products compete on factors other than price, such as quality, brand reputation, or added value features. This shift from price-based competition to value-based competition helps maintain healthier profit margins.

5. Brand image and reputation are achieved with product differentiation. A strong brand, built on differentiated products, is more likely to be perceived as a leader in its industry. This perception can attract more customers and strategic partnerships, which, in turn, will contribute to the company's growth and profitability.

Largest range of supplies

When first established in 2000, G&G set out to provide choices to customers and consumers worldwide. Today, G&G have the widest range of printer consumables to suit 90% of the printers in the market.


G&G is known as a color specialist—not because it manufactures the toners and inks itself. Rather, G&G conducts a rigorous selection and verification of raw materials it sources from around the world to obtain the very best combinations between the components that make up a cartridge. Its “Great Color Guaranteed” program guarantees consistent color control in all cartridge products.


G&G’s wide range of toners, for example, includes color cartridges, remanufactured cartridges (the G&G Reborn series), toner reload kits, and the Jumbo series, which have a higher page yield achieving up to 5 times more pages than the originals.

Its premium range of Everbrite and Gloria Inks and ink cartridges meet the needs of large-scale, high-speed, and quality document printing, including wide-format and business inkjet printing, as well as ink bottles and ink packs.


Printing devices as well as supplies

G&G is the only aftermarket company that is also an OEM. It offers a range of laser printers that use its own patented toner technologies and a unique range of supplies, providing distributors and customers with a significant point of differentiation.


It also offers portable, lightweight printers, handheld inkjet printers and label printers for use on the go. No other aftermarket supplier offers these added-value products in the world.


G&G's photo papers offer brilliant, waterproof, and durable outputs that work with every printer. They include high glossy inkjet photo papers, ultra-premium inkjet photo papers, sticky-back high glossy inkjet photo papers, and light heat transfer papers.


First to market

Being first to market comes with risks, But G&G has eradicated these and is able to provide patent-safe, consistently reliable products, having invested heavily in research and development costs and careful market planning.


In addition, being the first to introduce new products and services has helped establish G&G as an industry leader and innovator. This enhances G&G’s recognition and loyalty. It has enabled its distributors to capture a significant market share and to set higher prices before competitors enter. Being first allows G&G to gain market feedback and refine its products or services more quickly than other suppliers.


Customer feedback

According to G&G’s current partners, the reasons that have helped them capture more market share, become more profitable, and grow their businesses are:

1. Automated production lines: G&G has developed a higher level of hybrid automated production than its competitors in its search for consistency, stability and cost-efficiency. This allows it to deliver cartridges with a 99.6 percent success rate.

2. Top-notch Labs: G&G is one of a few aftermarket cartridge manufacturers in China that has earned the rigorous CNAS Lab Recognition. This is because its professionally trained laboratory staff and advanced equipment meet international quality, environmental, and health standards.

3. Compliances & Certifications: G&G has always focused on delivering healthy and sustainable products that comply with national and international standards.

4. Top-notch after-sales service: G&G has a team of experienced engineers who are always accountable to its customers with a quick response within 24 hours.


“We cannot be complacent if we want to remain a leader in the global printer, copier and imaging supplies market,” said Linda Fan, Senior Vice General Manager of G&G. “Differentiation is the key strategy we must use to keep in front. It demands a great deal of investment, but we will never abandon this strategy because we want end-users to have choice and the very best printing experience.”


“Our customers expect it. We will deliver it.”


Those who have more questions about G&G’s range of products that differentiate, please send an email to info@ggimage.com

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