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Top 4 Characteristics Of Replacement Laser Cartridges: What To Look Out For
August 01, 2022

When you're in the market for a new laser cartridge, it's important to take note of the various characteristics you should be aware of before purchasing it. Check out the points below to learn more about what makes a good replacement laser cartridge!


What to look out for in replacement laser cartridges?


When it comes to laser cartridges, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Here are the top characteristics to look for:


1. Type of laser: The type of laser used in a cartridge affects its performance. Generally, the more powerful the laser, the more accurate the cartridge will be.


2. Beam width: G&G cartridges have a beam width of less than 2 mm, which is considered ideal. This will help to produce accurate prints without having to make multiple passes over the same area.


3. Cartridge size: Make sure to choose a cartridge that is the correct size for your printer. Many cartridges from G&G are designed for specific printers, so be sure to check the specs before making a purchase.


4. Warranty: Always be sure to read the warranty information before purchasing a replacement cartridge.


How to spot fake replacement laser cartridges


When it comes to finding replacement laser cartridges, it's important to be aware of the characteristics that fake cartridges typically have. Here are a few things to look out for:


1. Low-quality printouts. Fake cartridges will often have low-quality printouts that look like they were printed on a cheap printer. This is because they are printed on recycled paper with low-quality ink.


2. Incorrect cartridge dimensions. Fake cartridges will often be smaller in size than genuine cartridges. This is because they are made with inferior materials that don't hold up well under pressure.


3. Poorly designed packaging. Fake cartridges will often come in poorly designed packaging that's difficult to open and reseal correctly. This is because fake cartridges are usually produced in bulk, which means they need to be packaged cheaply to reduce costs.


4. Inauthentic logos and trademarks. Fake cartridges will often have logos and trademarks that are not authentic or authorized by the manufacturer of the genuine cartridge. This is done so that users won't be able to identify the authenticity of the cartridge when they're shopping for it online or in stores.


There are some fake replacement laser cartridges on the market and it is difficult to figure out. That's why we give you a list of tips to help you to spot them. It is really upsetting if you get the fake ones. But if you get the replacement laser cartridges in G&G, you can never worry about this problem. As one of the leading companies in the field, G&G  has been committed to providing the best products to customers. If you have any needs, please contact G&G!

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