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Print the Moment You Love with G&G Photo Printer
June 11, 2021

When you gathered with friends or family, there must be some special moments you want to capture, especially during the pandemic when gathering becomes difficult. To preserve the precious moment, it would be better to take a photo and print it. To this end, G&G is elated to unveil that it adds G&G pocket photo printer to its value-added solutions.


What is G&G photo printer

G&G’s cartridge-free photo printer is a mini printer which enables you to capture fun-filled moment and print it from your smartphone in 1-2 minutes with zero ink.


>Portable, ready to go. Easily carry it in your pocket or wallet to record the precious time you spend with friends or family.
>Easy operation, instant snapshots. Print the colorful photos from your phone or your social media instantly through G&G photo App.
>Inkless and stickable photo paper. It turns your photos into stickers by using ZINK sticky-backed photo paper. You can stick them in your handbook and album, or decorate your walls with the stickers.

>True-to-life prints. The well-performed printer let you reproduce the vibrant images in life.

In addition, G&G photo printer can give full play to your creative mind with the function of adding filters to your photos. Click to watch how the photo printer prints your “happy” out.

For further information, please contact your sales manager or send email to  info@ggimage.com.

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