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G&G Expands Labeling Solutions to Industrial Applications
May 16, 2024

Following the release of its home, office, and retail labeling solutions, G&G is introducing its industrial label printers – the GG-D1180CW and GG-TD1200C.


These printers are designed to deliver industrial-grade print quality for even the most demanding tasks for those with mid to high-volume labeling needs.




Speedy Labeling Across Industries

With a rapid print speed of up to 152mm/s, the D1180CW can handle high-volume labeling tasks. It can help streamline operations and improve efficiency, particularly for those needing warehouses and logistic solutions. 


Meanwhile, the TD1200C effectively meets a variety of labeling needs with dual-mode printing—direct thermal for short-term use, like shipping labels, and thermal transfer for labels that need to last, such as medical or compliance labels.


Real-Time Monitoring

Users won't run out of labels unexpectedly. The main feature of G&G's desktop label printers is the see-through window, which allows users to track label usage in real-time. These printers provide control over label supply, allowing workflows to run smoothly.


Smart and Clear Prints

These desktop label printers feature automatic calibration, precise positioning, and intelligent paper return, which also ensures smooth and smart printing. With a high resolution of 203 dpi, they produce clear labels that are easy to read and scan, particularly crucial for shipping labels and barcodes. 


High-Quality Printheads

These desktop label printers are equipped with high-quality printheads that have been engineered to deliver consistent and reliable results. This essential component ensures that every label is printed with clarity, regardless of the printing volume. End users can expect outstanding print quality and durability.



Key Information





Printing method

Direct thermal

Direct thermal/thermal transfer

Print Speed

Max 152mm/s

Max 127mm/s

Print width

Max 108mm

Max 104mm











Warehouse, logistics

Warehouse, logistics, healthcare


For more information or order, please get in touch with your sales manager or send an email to info@ggimage.com.

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