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Ninestar Celebrates International Women's Day
March 09, 2021


In celebration of International Women’s Day and to pay respect for the determined efforts and contributions rendered by women, gifts of cakes, flowers and chocolates were sent to female employees at Ninestar Image.


At Ninestar Image, love comes from the top down and all around. Eric Zhang, General Manager of Ninestar Image, shared his heartfelt appreciation for the amazing women he works with in his social media:
“At Ninestar Image, we are fortunate to have a bunch of passionate and ever enthusiastic women, working in every department and at all levels, ranging from sales, R&D to marketing. I’m extremely proud that 60.8% of employees are women at Ninestar Image and 70% of our managerial positions are held by women.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the extraordinary women we work with, who contribute to our success every day. Thank you for your hard work, passion and love you have brought to Ninestar Image.

Wish you a Happy International Women’s Day! ”

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