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Anniversary Greetings from Ninestar Employees
June 28, 2020

Yay! We’ve turned 20! 

Watch the birthday greetings we’ve gathered from our staff, wishing Ninestar a happy anniversary. 


Greetings from Marketing Dept.


Greetings from Sales Dept. (Asia-Pacific)


Greetings from Sales Dept. (Europe)

2020 marks Ninestar’s 20th Anniversary. While we are incredibly proud of this achievement, we are also humbled by the fact that we never could have made it without the help and support of countless people along the way: our customers, suppliers, employees and communities.


Thank you all of you who were a part of our journey.

As we all took time to express gratitude and to celebrate these fantastic 20 years gone by, let’s turn eagerly to the years that lie ahead.

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