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Ongoing Patent Lawsuits from OEMs Catch Attention
July 12, 2022

According to Actionable Intelligence, Epson filed a patent infringement lawsuit last month against a manufacturer of compatible inkjet consumables.


The products at the center of concern are third-party ink cartridges, chips and ink bottles that can be used with Epson printers. Epson claims these products have infringed its US patents: 6,955,422(‘422), 8,794,749(‘749), and 8,454,116(‘116). The Epson product models include the T6941-5, T252, 702, T8581-4, T220, T542, etc.


Earlier this year, Epson accused an online seller of wide-format inkjet cartridges of infringing its U.S. patent 8,794,749 ('749).


It can be seen from such patent lawsuits taking place in 2022, that the printer manufacturers will aggressively defend their intellectual property rights (IPRs) in an effort to protect what they see as being their rightful “slice of the inkjet business printing market cake.”


Ninestar Provides IP-Safe Business Inkjet Solutions for Epson printers

With a huge investment in developing and acquiring its own patents and seeking an empties import license, Ninestar can offer IP-safe solutions for both new-built and remanufactured business ink cartridges. By so doing, it provides distributors, customers and end-users with a choice when it comes to using supplies in their printers. In addition, Ninestar’s patented refill ink bottles can satisfy the varied needs of customers in different markets.

Ninestar Provides IP-Safe Business Inkjet Solutions for Epson printers.jpg

For more information, please contact your sales manager or send email to info@ggimage.com.

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