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Ninestar—Ink Specialist for 22 Years
April 28, 2022

Established in 2000, Ninestar is a service provider focusing on consumables and printers in the imaging sector. Right from day one, Ninestar established its ink factory to research, develop, test and produce world-class ink products that would create a positive and rewarding printing experience for end-users.

Ninestar—Ink Specialist for 22 Years

With its rapid development and wide adoption across many applications, inkjet and digital ink technologies have made a significant impact upon traditional printing—more than 25% in European and US markets. It reveals that inkjet digital printing will continue to trend positively into the future.


Tracking the trends of the core inkjet technology

  • Resolution: 300dpi——600dpi——1200dpi——1440dpi

  • The size of ink drop: 10pl——5pl——2pl——1pl

  • Print speed: 5ppm——24ppm——50ppm——75ppm ——100ppm

  • Types of inks: dye, pigment, UV, eco solvent, sublimation, textile pigment …

  • Applications: office, education, health, medicine, food, advertising, textiles, packaging, labels, leather, printing …

  • Professional requirements: UV and ozone resistance, security, waterproofing, anti-scratching …


Due to the increase of new applications, the demands on ink are becoming more intense and competitive with tougher standards being required in different applications, such as surface tension, PH levels, conductivity and color gamut, among others.  


Ninestar is aware of the trends, the demands, and advances in inkjet printing technology. It continues to strengthen its cooperation with other leading raw materials and technology companies. For this reason, Ninestar enjoys high regard for its top-quality ink products by users around the world including tough markets in Europe, USA, and Japan.


How can Ninestar play so well in such a competitive market? It gives the credit to the continuous perfecting and innovation of its ink products.  


Technical milestones for the development of ink

  • In 2003, Ninestar took the lead in cooperating with a leading chemical company, Cabot Chemical.

  • In 2007, Ninestar worked with Dalian University of Technology, propelling IUR cooperation.

  • In 2008, Ninestar became the first company to establish the National Fine Chemical Lab, and Ninestar was awarded with national high-tech enterprise.

  • In 2011, Ninestar began to utilize the colorant purifying technique, to make the ion in the ink declined from 10% to 2%, improving the lifetime of print head.

  • In 2014, Ninestar used advanced grinding technology, to make the size of the particle decreased from 500nm to 200nm, significantly enhancing the printing quality of ink.

  • In 2019, Ninestar brought in automated production lines as a pioneer, which greatly improved the stability and consistency of its ink.


NINESTARTechnical milestones for the development of ink.png

Through persistent innovation and breakthrough technologies, Ninestar has rolled out its premium pigment ink—EVERBRITE, and premium dye ink—GLORIA. Both high-end ink brands deliver OEM-equivalent performance at a more affordable cost than the OEM.




Premium pigment ink—EVERBRITE

  • Smudge resistance—feel free to touch EverBrite prints as soon as they are printed

  • Water- and fade-resistant rating up to 100 years under simulated environment conditions

  • Brilliant results on diverse papers to satisfy your different needs



Premium dye ink—GLORIA

  • Superior color gamut, excellent weather fastness and abundant color expressive force

  • Improved resistance to fading

  • Ultra anti UV, longer durability than other dye ink


Ninestar premium ink matches various printers, which ensures the print head with enough moisture, proper PH level and conductivity to make sure high compatibility.




Certifications & Compliance


NINESTAR Certifications & Compliance


With the development of printing technology and the increasing needs of the market, Ninestar will continue to make every effort to research and develop different world-class ink products to meet the diversified and growing demands of users.

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