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G&G Tailored Reman Cartridges for Healthcare Industry
June 17, 2020

In face of the unexpected epidemic, G&G has served lots of demands from healthcare industry. It's a great honor for our tailor-made remanufactured products to be recognized in this professional field and to join the fight against COVID19. 

G&G tailor-made reman cartridges can be used in:

>>   Medical Consultation 

 G&G Medical Consultation.jpg

Prescription sheet printing, diagnosis sheet printing and etc. 

>>  Medical Imaging Output

 G&G Medical Imaging Output

Color ultrasound film printing, B-scan ultrasonography film printing and etc.

>>   Medical Report Printing

 G&G Medical Report Printing

Lab report, inspection report, medical certificate and etc. 

Why G&G tailor-made reman cartridges fit the needs of healthcare industry? 





Product List:





For distributors or clients who have more customization needs for printing solutions to fit local healthcare industry, feel free to contact your sales managers or send email to info@ggimage.com. 

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