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G&G Replacement Toner Cartridges for Fuji Film C320/325 Series Printers Available Now
September 28, 2021

About Printers

ApeosPrint C320/325 series

In April 2021, Fuji Film firstly launched 31ppm ApeosPrint C320/325 series printers in Japan and other Asia Pacific area. Featuring professional color documents, high productivity, enhanced security and user-friendly design, the A4 desktop printers are designed to meet the printing demands of mid-size and small businesses.

ApeosPrint C320/325 series



G&G Solutions

G&G’s newly arrived replacement toner cartridges for use in Fuji Film C320/325 series printers are available for ordering now!


> RoHS & REACH compliant, environment-friendly

> Stable and outstanding printing performance

> Deliver colorful and gorgeous prints



For more information, please contact your sales manager or send email to info@ggimage.com.

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