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G&G Expands Pigment EverBrite Art Inks for Advertising Printing
September 14, 2023

There is now a secret weapon available for those wanting to make their design portfolio stand out and leave a lasting impression: EverBrite Art Ink.


G&G is proud to announce the expansion of its EverBrite Art range of inks, now compatible with Epson T8041-9 and Canon PFI-1700 series printers. Specifically crafted for photography studios and graphic design institutes, EverBrite Art Ink delivers a more vivid output that is also remarkably reliable, stable, and long-lasting, thanks to the incorporation of solid pigment powder.


G&G Expands Pigment EverBrite Art Inks for Advertising Printing

Why EverBrite Art Inks are ideal for Advertising Printing?

  • Ensuring a Reliable Ink Supply Without Clogging Concerns

Printers left idle can often encounter frustrating issues, most notably print head clogging, which can result in incomplete or flawed prints. The primary culprit behind this problem is ink deposition. To achieve consistently flawless prints, harmonious synergy from a stable ink supply, printer, and ink cartridge is essential. EverBrite Art pigment ink plays a crucial role in preventing ink deposition, providing you with a worry-free and exceptional printing experience, free from clogging concerns.


  • Achieving Delicate Brightness and Smooth Gradations with Minimal Graininess

Modern droplet technology excels at managing ink volumes to produce stunning gradations and delicate brightness levels. However, it places elevated demands on the ink's performance. This is where EverBrite Art Ink, G&G's premium-grade pigment ink, steps up. This exceptional ink seamlessly aligns with the latest droplet technology, resulting in outputs characterized by impeccable gradations and minimal graininess, ensuring prints are nothing short of remarkable.

G&G EverBrite VS OEM

  • Exceptional Color Reproduction

Achieving superior color reproduction with pigment inks is a complex process that goes beyond a simple click of a button, with the quality of solid pigment powder serving as a crucial raw material.


Inferior pigment powders, characterized by larger particles and less roundness, are known culprits for image distortion. Even when equipped with a superior ICC Profile, subpar pigment inks fall short of faithfully recreating the original colors. This discrepancy becomes particularly evident when printing portraits, where the hairline color may appear as dark red instead of black.


EverBrite Art Inks, formulated from world-class, imported pigment powders, stand out for their exceptional image sharpness and remarkable color reproduction. This ensures that printed reproductions capture every nuance of the original painting, delivering an output that mirrors the original artwork with unparalleled precision.

G&G EverBrite VS OEM

Hot-Sale Product List for EverBrite Art Inks


G&G Model

OEM Model




For Use In

EverBrite Art





Epson SureColor SC-P6000/7000/8000/9000 series




Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro2000/4000/4000S/6000/6000S/2100/4100/4100S/6100/6100S


For more information or order, please send an email to info@ggimage.com.

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