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Ninestar to Confront Industry Hot Potatoes at Confidential Conference
September 03, 2021

The printer and imaging supplies industry has had to confront several issues which have created hardship, doubt, and a lack of confidence.


The global pandemic has accelerated these issues causing many players to quit, merge or seek alliances. And yet others have continued to prosper.


To this end, Ninestar will run a confidential, global conference to confront some of the issues and to provide encouragement.


"We should be looking to future opportunities," said Eric Zhang, general manager of Ninestar Image. “Yes, we need to keep our eyes on the present threats… The hard to handle topics… The hot issues… what we call, the hot potatoes.”


The one-hour, online "Hot Potatoes" confidential conference will be run twice on September 28 so that participants across the globe can participate at a time that suits them best. For more details, go to: https://global.ggimage.com/Special_Event/


"The hot potatoes we will confront at this conference will include the environment, OEM tactics and the changing demand by end users," said Zhang. “Four speakers, based in Europe, the USA and China, will provide market trends, evidence, observations and opinions this industry needs to know about.”


The event is free but requires pre-registration to seek participation at the event, given the confidential nature of some content.


"As one of leading company in aftermarket, the responsibility falls on us to provide confidence and solutions," Zhang added. "Ninestar is in the fortunate position where we can turn difficulties and challenges into opportunities. I promise you, our team across the world is well able to help handle the hot potatoes."


China is often accused of being slow to confront the challenges of global change and a more sustainable environment. One of the micro-presentations will reveal how remanufacturing, empty collections, the treatment of waste and meeting the newer, tougher standards being set by governments can provide unique opportunities.


Despite many sectors declining, there is clear evidence that other sectors are growing. To this end, another micro-presentation will deal with what consumers are now demanding to give participants clues on where to target their businesses.


Firmware updates, marketplace takedowns, lawsuits and newer technologies continue to daunt aftermarket channels. Another presentation will provide necessary updates.


According to Zhang, the conference is the first to address industry "hot potatoes" but there are others including pricing and availability of chips, price wars and MPS. "We know many across the world will attend these events and come away inspired."

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