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Join G&G 2022 “When Your Image Matters” Webinar to Discover the Road to Success
April 13, 2022

G&G is elated at having you join us at our 2022 G&G online webinarWhen Your Image Matters on April 21, 2022. Six insightful speakers at G&G will share their ideas about:

>Industry trends, products and market opportunities in 2022

>IP risks control on E-commerce platforms

>New G&G product release plan for 2022

>G&G hot news broadcast

>Exclusive interview: how to choose a good color toner cartridge

>G&G partner program 2022

>Color toner cartridge flash sale: BIG prizes await!

2022 G&G online webinar.png

In the one-hour webinar, you will find 12 tools to help you seize emerging opportunities and stay ahead of the game. Join us and jointly discover the road to success in 2022.


Thursday April 21, 2022

Live: 08:30 AM GMT

Replay: 16:30 PM GMT

You do not want to miss it! Click to register now.

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