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Everything You Wanted To Know About Color Products — But Were Afraid to Ask
May 12, 2022

Color or monochrome printing? Which do you mostly use?


There is plenty of evidence that color printing increases the visual appeal and makes printed information easier to recall. In our daily lives, most people prefer to be saturated with colorful things than black-and-white or monochrome elements. 


After the advent of color TV in the 1950s, no one returned to a black and white screen experience.


Studies also reveal color ads are read up to 42% more often than the same ads in black and white. 


Ninestar’s upcoming Color Talk webinar will share insights on functional color toner cartridge solutions, focusing on how to choose reliable color products to win loyalty from users. What makes a good color toner cartridge? What kind of products can help you win a bigger slice of this market cake?




To help you solve the problems when sourcing first-rate color products and win a larger slice of the market cake, there will be a Q&A session during the “Color talk” Webinar. Please send your questions about color toner cartridges to info@ggimage.com. Ninestar will assist you by answering as many questions as possible. We sincerely welcome and look forward to your E-mails.


The short, color talk webinar is free but requires pre-registration to seek participation at the event. Click here to reserve your place now! The event will be here in just 7 days. See you at the webinar!


Time: at 16:30 Greenwich Mean Time, May 19, 2022


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About “Walk The Talk”

Walk the Talk features a series of webinars that leaves no stone unturned in bringing you the latest ideas, innovations, 

strategies, experiences and opportunities to thrive in the competitive market. 

Color talk is the first episode of Walk the Talk series.

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